Orks and dakka-dakka

I’ve wanted to make some Inquisitor scale Orks for many years. Faffing about on the internet, i saw that Andrea miniatures produce a few fantasy orcs at 54mm, but i was never was inspired by them [Ed: though the goblin shamans in the warlord saga series would make great gretchin]. Finally I backed a kickstarter in 2015 for some beautiful fantasy orcs with a pirate theme (Black Sailor by Big Child Creative) and after faffing a bit i kitbashed them into 40k. Then in 2017 I backed another kickstarter from a different company (Ouroboros tales) that were also making more Orcs. And then i found another company that had released a fantasy orc with a native american-indian vibe .

I based them on 50mm bases and finally painted them up…

Ork Freebooterz Captain Gutfang (from Big Child Creative)
Ork Freebooterz crewmate Grimspitta with Powerclaw (from Big Child Creative), WIP
Ork Freebooterz Cartographer Igguzz (from Big Child Creative)
Ork Snakebite Klan Scout Aghazz
Goff Ork (based on the Orc Fisherman from Tartar miniatures)
Ork Weirdboy Slomrank (based on a mini from Big Child Creative), WIP

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