Sometimes it is nice to just see a post full of inquisitor 54mm scale miniatures…

So before i put on the sorting hat and put these minis into appropriate posts, here is a random selection of minis i painted up in the last few weeks.

I painted up a harlequin [Ed: harlies are my favourite fluff in the entire 40k universe]. This one uses a fan-made head from a member of the conclave (Lord Borak).
Catachan with his mini gun ”old painless” (this is an andrea 54mm mini from the Dark Nova range “Gabriel Blackburn”, but i had to cut the mini down at the ankles and torso as he was too big out of the box)
Catachan from the Beneito miniature range ”The Gunner” (i also had to cut this one down around the waist).
I also made a Fulgurite electropriest using delphan gruss legs and the torso of a Kataton battle servitor by wargame exclusive
And a bloodpact traitor guard from Warhansa, with a head from a member of the conclave (Lord Borak)
Here is a sanctioned alien, from the defunct Smart Max range
An Arbitrator of the Adeptus Arbites, made from Jhon Creek of the Dark World range from Ares Mythologic.
Finally some inquisitors! This inquisitor is a 3d print from heresy labs.
And a blatant poorer copy of an inquisitor made from the GW Talos kit.