The imperial citizens and dock workers have a certain charm with their scowling grizzled faces and stooped posture. Possibly these minis are the only official GW figures for their vision of what citizens look like in grim dark 40k.

Four citizens were released: two imperial workers (the welder and dock worker) and two imperial citizens (the rat catcher and the messenger boy). The two workers are hard to find as they were one of the last inquisitor miniatures to be released before the range was cancelled. The figures usually command a high price on ebay. But the imperial citizens are the rarest minis of the bunch. I’ve never seen complete versions for sale, nor have i seen anyone showcase their painted up versions.

This is the only official GW image i’ve ever found of the imperial citizens (the messenger boy is 2nd from the left, top row. the ratcatcher is bottom far right). It’s a scan from a french White Dwarf. Is there anyone from France that can find this image and provide a better quality scan, S’il vous plaît?

A few years ago i bought some inquisitor minis from a guy who worked at GW head office. He was selling some dock workers, but the parts were mismatched. One bit I was lucky to get was this…

The legs of the Ratcatcher…

The inquisitor range also has some unreleased figures and bits. And thankfully these number only a very few, unlike the massive amount of unreleased and limited release for fantasy and 40k main ranges. And i was blown away with the prices that unreleased minis can command. For example, one of the rarest citadel minis is the nuln spearman. For many years, collectors thought it unlikely that one would ever be sold. Then a few years ago, one was listed on ebay and sold for over £1300!

The ultrarare Nuln Spearman. How can one little mini cost so much? About £50 per millimetre!

And back to those mismatched minis i bought from someone at GW head office. In amongst the bits was this…

the legs of an unreleased new figure.
The legs are part of this unreleased figure, which was going to be a full miniature (not a conversion set). But then fanatic was closed down and the figure was apparently scrapped. What is it meant to be? An inquisitor? A scholar?

There are two other unreleased figures for Inquisitor. First, the chronogladiator. This one pictured below was a prize donated by GW for a conclave hobby competition. The mini was won and painted up by a member of the conclave (Kaled).

The unreleased chronogladiator (or ‘gimp warrior’ as Andy Hall apparantly calls it)

The other known unreleased figure is an alternative purestrain genestealer

unreleased purestrain genestealer

It also seems likely that there were parts made for an alternate sergeant stone. ‘Bloody Paulus’ was shown as a forthcoming release in the 2002 Inquisitor catalogue, but never made it to market.

And as the figure was also in the inquisitor core handbook, it is speculated that there were also plans for conversion bits for malicant (and possibly eisenhorn?).

And apparently there are other unreleased inq54 figures. For example the Perry twins made prototypes for the game.

Other than figures, there are also unreleased bits. The lasgun weapons set was never released and some of the master resins were listed on ebay by the sculptor about seven years ago, before being bought and stored in somebody’s collection.

the unreleased las weapons set

A second force halberd exists, but was also never released. GW advertised a second nemesis force halberd in the force weapons kit, but it was never included in the force weapons set that was sold to market.

One of the halberds was dropped from the set prior to release.

So there you have it. Thankfully only a few unreleased bits for the completionist collector to find. But back to the main point of this post…imperial citizens. I find the daily life of humans living in a 40k universe fascinating. I am always eager to read about the little details, and sometimes a citizen’s life is a little side-story in one of the black library novels.

I remember reading Titanicus (by Dan Abnett). Though the novel focuses on the grand battle between towering machines of war, a subplot follows the fortunes of a toymaker whose failing business of selling scale model titans is suddenly boosted by the war. The necromunda novel junktion (by Matthew Farrer) is about a man who lights the lamps in the underhive and the hardships of hive life. The Eisenhorn and Ravenor series (Dan Abnett again) also have lots of elements of life in the 40k universe away from the battle frontline.

And after faffing about and talking of unreleased minis i will never own anyway, here are some denizens of the 40k universe i have recently painted up…

Imperial Dockworkers
Imperial Sanctioned Terraformers
Crimelord Sabellus the Forsaken, and a Servoskull collector