First a helpful tip.

I’ve got the bug again! I’ve been wanting to expand my genestealer cults and have again been inspired by this original genestealer cult pic from an old white dwarf.

So I finally took the plunge and commissioned a 3d print company (Vault of Moravec) to print up a 54mm scale limo for me. I think it captures the spirit of old-school 40k nicely!

My genestealer cult limo, from a design I found on shapeways. It is surprising large.

I also wanted a bloated patriarch to command the brood. The mini is the Biomech Overlord by Meridian Miniatures, and fits well without any modifications. It’s a bit difficult to see the throne that he is sitting on, but i kitbashed it from bits and pieces of 40k terrain.

The Patriarch on his golden throne, plus his devoted Acolyte Iconward

Here is a better picture of his throne…

The Patriarch seated on his throne and with his advisors

And finally a pic of the entire brood so far.

The gang to date.

Next on my list to build are some broodbrothers…

Addendum: And some purestrain genestealers for when the cult needs to call in some backup…

purestrain genestealers (I got sick of purple)