Slaanesh Daemonettes were first released in the late 1980s. And like all the lesser daemons of the ruinous powers, these daemonettes have been re-imagined by GW a number of times over the last thirty years. What I liked about the first edition daemonettes were they were all individual sculpts with such evocative names as Lewdfang, Sinwhip, and Lustspite.

There were no official daemonette models released for inquisitor. However, a few models from other ranges make perfect alternatives.

Narok by Origen Art (left; I added feet to Narok), the daemonette by JMD miniatures (middle),and the Succubus by Ouborous Miniatures (right).
I bought this conversion (it uses the unbound daemonhost as a base)

Next up i am thinking of converting one of the new slaanesh fiends into a daemonette. I think the scale is about right.