Continuing on from my previous post on alternative miniatures for inq54mm (, here is a second list of manufacturers that produce figures that may be suitable.

33. War Griffon Miniatures. Most of these 54mm minis are from Spyglass miniatures or its successor Eolith Miniatures. When Eolith was closed down, Model Display Products bought their 54mm range. There are some nice sculpts perfect for inquisitor, especially Lady Gregorian.

Lady Gregorian

34. Victoria Miniatures. This Australian company has a large scale collector’s mini of a squat, Roli Runeseeker.

35. FigurinItaly. This company produce some nice 1/30th scale heads. I’m going to use them for my genestealer cult bloodpact troopers.

1/30th scale heads. They match the inq range fairly well (maybe a tad small, but not by much).

36. Cult of Paint. This company have a small range of nicely sculpted 54mm figures.

37. Ramshackle games. A UK company that has some very cheap grimdark minis. Gilgamesh may be about the right size for 54mm.

Apparently Gilgamesh is this big! (that is a 28mm GW minis next to him)

38. Gunmeister Games. Another Aussie company. They produce Judgement, a game specifically using 54mm models. This company have successfully delivered a number of kickstarters to expand their range. I know that the elves are atypical – they are slightly smaller than the 54mm humans. I’ve bought Al’Garath who will be turned into a bloodletter.

Viktor & Al’garath. Viktor is a halfing, so quite small.

39. Mutant Chronicles CMG. Fantasy Flight Games released a 54mm collectible miniatures game in 2007. These minis were pre-painted and in plastic. The setting is post apocalyptic and so some of the minis fit the 40k fluff. The humans (eg. fury’s wrath) are the right size for inq54mm, and there are some interesting mutants in the series. There are quite a few minis in this range, though the game is long OOP and was never that popular. Note that mutant chronicles is a long established setting, and other companies now or in the past also make mutant chronicles minis, which are not 54mm scale.

This genestealer aberrant (left) was built using a Mutant Chronicles’ figure from the nepharite overlords pack.

40. AT-43. Made by Rackham over a decade ago, this 28mm scifi game had a number of useful minis for inq54. The Karmans (basically oversized gorillas) can be kitbashed for inquisitor (I’ve used them for genestealer cultists). There are also a number of large vehicles that could be 40k-ified. All the minis are pre-painted [Ed: The paint jobs are quite good] and are made of plastic.

The torsos are Karman figures fro AT-43 (left, right). The middle figure is also a Karman mini.

41. Spellcaster. I don’t know much about this game made by Ironwind. But the minis are listed as 54mm scale and in metal.

42. Tales of War Revised. This company has both a 54mm scale (the revised series) and then a smaller scale. Bogeyman is about the right scale for a mutant like Quovandius.

43. Wild West Exodus. The scale is 32mm but there are a number of interesting oversized constructs and legendary figures that seem to be about 54mm and that may fit into the 40k grimdark universe.

44. Pizarro Miniatures. Now OOP, their Black Anvil range had fantasy and sci-fi in 54mm scale. One of my favourite sculpts is ogrum ironheart, which unfortunately seems too big for a regular trooper in inq54 but too small to be an ogryn.

45. Yedharo miniatures. This company sell a great armoured mini that is perfect size for a dark eldar (Mordekai). They also have a figure (Imrod) that makes a good proxy necromunda pitbull (though i had to chop him down at the ankles as he is a tad tall).

Mordekai by Yedharo miniatures. Scales perfectly as an eldar
Imrod by Yedharo miniatures. Still a bit tall, even after i chopped him down at the ankles.

46. Terragnosis minaitures. This company no longer exists, but they used to develop a game called ruination, with 54mm minis. They had a kickstarter to fund it.

47. Demented Games. Creators of the game Twisted, which is set in a steampunk world. They have released a 54mm collector’s version of Launcelot.

48. Deadsculpt Figures. This OOP range of horror-esque figures were created via a kickstarter. The figures are 54mm in a surreal and disturbing style.

49. Origen Art. Now closed, this company produced a range of figures at different scales. Kainda, the cheetah woman is about the right height for inq54, and though Narok is listed as 30mm, with some kitbashing she is also the right height or even a tad tall.

Narok by Origen Art (middle). I’ve cut off her stilt legs and replaced them with feet.

50. Etsy. 3dVikingsStore has a nice admech figure . Called scifi female resin miniature, it can be printed at 60mm.

To see more manufacturers that have minis suitable for inquisitor, see part 1 and part 3…