Necromunda is quintessential grimdark. Ten billion people crammed into a hive city that is surrounded by toxic wastelands, whilst rival underhive gangs violently clash over meagre turf-land. These gangs (both the older classic minis and the more recent sculpts) all have a distinctive 40k vibe.

Of the official inq54 range, a number of minis either hail from Necromunda or are hive gangers. The most famous Necromundian is Kal Jerico [Ed: Or is it Kal Jericho? Black Library spells it without the ‘h’, whilst the GW website adds it]. With either spelling, the mini is a beautiful sculpt. Once considered very rare as the mini was removed from sale due to copyright concerns, this figure seems to semi-regularly pop up on ebay.

Kal Jericho (left). I’ve swapped out one of his laspistols for a different gun.

Damian Bloodhound also hails from Necromunda. I’m not the biggest fan of the sculpt, but at least it re-purposes Slick Devlan bits.

Damian Bloodhound (left)

Talon is the only hive ganger from the official range (but from the hive planet Kados rather than Necromunda).

The officially painted Talon by GW. I have the mini but i think i converted him into a Catachan and he is in the paint queue.

Other than the official minis, there are also a number of other manufacturers with miniatures that can be readily turned into Hive Gangers.

Tehnolog insurrectionists make great gangers. There are 5 unique minis in hard plastic in the range
A Necromunda Pitfighter. The original figure is Imrod by Yedharo miniatures. I’ve just cut him down to size at the ankles.
Clan Escher gangers. Letto (left), Big Bertha (middle), and Jinx with Dual Autopistols (right).
A scaly from the Scavvy Clan

Next up, I want to build some Goliath gangers.

Addendum. But first some more recent conversions…

Necromundan Delaque Ganger with shotgun (stalker 2 model by Mercury models, with a weapon and head swap)
Necromundan Delaque Ganger (the Post-nuclear nomad from Northstar minis)