It’s time for some red redemptionists. This famous hive city cult was featured in the original necromunda game in the 1990s. Though they haven’t yet been updated for the new version of necromunda, the original models do have a certain charm to them. And whats not to like about pointy hatted masked psychopaths?

The original red redemptionists with lovely grimaced masks

Malicant is a great inquisitor model. And versatile. His robes and legs are useful as the building blocks for a variety of other characters.

Some fanatics

But i wish there were some alternative redemptionist heads! Thankfully Lord Borak from the conclave forum has sculpted and cast up some excellent generic cultists that make the perfect goons. And his set has 5 variant heads (though i used one of those heads for a harlequin and the other for a renegade militia).

Some zealots and brethen of the red redemptionist cult
More zealots using the Malicant model as a base.

And when i stop faffing about, i think i will kitbash an Arch Deacon. I’ll use Klovius the Redeemer as inspiration. He’s from the Redeemer graphic novel. I should try have a read of it.

Klovius the redeemer. I love his flaming crown of iron, very handy when you need to a light up a Lho stick