The Tehnolog plastic figures are marvelous to grimdark up. And cheap too! There is a large range, though i think the hard plastics are the preferred option (they also do soft plastic). They are produced by a toy company in Russia. There is a website, but i don’t think you can order direct from the company. They produce minis in a few different scales, including their fantasy battles range which is in 54mm. They also manufacture terrain and vehicles and mechs.

The figures themselves are one piece plastic and they are designed to stand without a base. So the pose of the minis is not that dynamic, and fairly similar across their range. It is an eclectic mix of minis they produce- from fantasy to historic to futuristic.

tehnolog space pirates / star corsairs. They make great commissars
A commissar (right) using the Tehnolog Space Pirate
Tehnolog Rebels. They are perfect as is [Ed: despite their oversized ‘clown feet’].
Hive Gangers using Tehnolog Rebels.
Tehnolog ‘Barbarians’- i think these are the older versions? I have plans to convert one of these barbarians into a ratskin (far left). The other one has a pose reminiscent of a foe in the inquisitor rulebook (second from the right)
These polar soldiers will make great imperial guard. Maybe Vostroyans?
I want to convert some of these Tehnolog Cyborgs into Skitarii.
Tehnolog Aliens
Tehnolog Cossacks. I plan to make an imperial fanatic with one of these minis
Tehnolog Shipka heroes. I think i’ll convert one into a Tallarn Desert Raider
Tehnolog Grenadiers
Tehnolog Gladiators
Tehnolog Pirates