Gunslingers, infiltrators, rogues, bounty hunters…they all are guns-for-hire. These characters may appear out of place in a 40k army on the battlefield, but they fit the ethos of Inquisitor perfectly. There are four minis from the official range – Kal Jericho, the Bounty hunter, Slick Devlan and Damian Bloodhound.

Kal Jericho (left) and Bounty Hunter (right). Both commission painted.
Slick Devlan (left) and hive scum (right). I purchased the hive scum – i suspect the seller was watching Breaking Bad when he kitbashed this figure
Damian Bloodhound (left) and ‘The executioner’ (right). I bought the executioner, but i don’t recognise the model or manufacturer
Gunslinger with dual autopistols (left) and Smuggler (right). The smuggler is manufactured by Wild House miniatures.