I was perplexed when GW did not release a sister of battle for inquisitor. It seemed a natural fit for the fluff.

Still GW released the sister repentia, which is one ugly model.

The Official Sister Repentia. The kit came with 2 alternate heads – both ugly sculpts. But those bolt gun arms are superb.
A Scyllax-Guardian Automaton using Inquisitor Karamazov’s Throne of Judgement (left) and Sister Repentia (right)

The other official minis with conversion potential are the female daemonhunter and barbaretta. I’ve put the daemonhunter’s head and torso on barbaretta’s legs. Just need to find a backpack that works for her before i can paint it up.

There are some third party models that are suitable for 40k. For example, Tin’s bits released a proxy sister repentia model at 54mm scale, called Domina.

A non-official repentia by tin’s bits. I’m going to convert it to holding an eviscerator

And all painted up….

Sister Repentia Helitta (model is Domina by Tin’s Bits)

Heresylab also offered a kickstarter with a few sisters of battle that could be print-on-demand at 54mm scale. I managed to nab a few at this scale…

Adeptus Sororitas Battle Sister Despedes (commission painted). This is a 3d print by Heresylab (called Agnes Sepherna)

I have another heresylab 3d print of a sister with angelic wings (Saint Manakel from their heresygirl 2.0 kickstarter). But I plan to convert it to a Seraphim after i faff about for a while.

Here is a heresylab cannoness called Sister Mary. When it arrived my 3d print was larger than 54mm, so i had to cut her down at the ankles.

Heresylab cannonness (2nd on the left). The furthest on the left is a conversion i made using the spare torso from the Artel mini (Katerina) plus the legs of Barbaretta.

Artel miniatures also have a limited edition 54mm model (now sold out). Called Katerina Prophetissa, she had two alternate heads and 2 alternate torsos. The detail on the mini is great, though the resin is a somewhat soft and flexible version. I’ve built mine (minus wings) and named her (Adeptus Sororitas Battle Sister Trillion with ceremonial armour), but I’m missing a backpack for her as i used it on another mini. Will need to source another backpack somehow.

Artel miniatures. Katerina Prophetissa. Comes with 2 different torsos and 2 different heads.

And these warriors of faith need serious backup – so here is a 3d printed penitent engine, also produced by Heresylab during one of their kickstarters (it’s called the Purifier and the 3d print version towers over other 54mm minis).

Penitent Engine (a 3d print version of Heresy Lab’s purifier). This thing is pretty big…

And on the subject of penitent engines, the new penitent engines look very neat. I’m thinking of getting one, removing the arms, and turning it into some sort of automated shrine or prayer altar.

Th newly released penitent engine