I like Rogue traders. I don’t know why GW ignored them for such a long time. But they provide an interesting opportunity to kitbash a diverse range of spacefarers.

There are two official rogue trader models at inquisitor scale – Duke Von Castellan and Jan Van Yastobaal.

Rogue Traders Vilia Korstanov (left) and Duke Von Castellan (right)

I have never been the biggest fan of the Duke. His running posture has limited mixing potential with other inquisitor parts [Ed: though Brother Josef may be the worst of the lot. His parts just don’t combo well with other minis]. I’m also not impressed with the Duke’s head. But I find Jan Van Yastobaal’s head much more interesting.

Unofficially there are a few miniatures that make good rogue traders. I’m not sure of the manufacturer, but my rogue trader above (Vilia Korstanov) is a very nice sculpt without any kitbashing needed (i got this one from the Figone website).

Demented Games (an Aussie company) also released a masters edition of one of their figures in 54mm scale. Called Launcelot, i think it will fit in well as a rogue trader.

54mm version of Launcelot
And all painted up…Rogue Trader Count Redmon Orser (originally a 54mm version of Launcelot by Demented Games)

I have another rogue trader that I made from bits of Nokjagerin of the Gehenna Range (by Pegaso models), with the addition of a space marine torso and the head of an Artel W 54mm scale mini.

Rogue Trader Roz Chezanne with Warrant of Trade (using the legs from Nokjagerin, a space marine torso, and the head from a 54mm Artel miniature (Katerina).

A finally let’s not forget the trusty crew of the Rogue Trader. There is one official figure, the Bodyguard or Boatswain. I still don’t have a copy of this figure though, he doesn’t show up much on ebay. But i did have the bodyguard’s head, which i promptly stuck onto another figure to make a genestealer cultist.

The Bodyguard or boatswain