for inspiration, a picture of the 28mm Gellerpox infected from the Kill team: Rogue Trader Box set

I find the misadventures of Rogue Traders (aka Space Pirates) very interesting, as well as any fluff about their ships and crew. I enjoyed reading about Lucian Gerrit in the Rogue Trader book series by Andy Hoare, though i suspect that the third book in the trilogy will never be written. The Blackstone fortress novel was also an interesting read, featuring disgraced rogue trader Janus Draik. But i digress…

When Kill team: rogue trader was released, i was instantly drawn to the enemy forces. Crew mates infected with Gellerpox who sabotage a ship’s geller field seemed very grimdark.

i though it a fairly simple conversion to turn nightmare hulks into Vox Shamblers (but without the Gellercaust masks as i am not a fan [Ed: i.e couldn’t be bothered]). The hulks are a little small out of the box, so i built them up slightly with greenstuff (thankfully kitbashing nurgle minis is very forgiving for a newbie green-sculptor like me).

Vox Shamblers
More Vox Shamblers. These were originally Kromlech minis: Spawn of Khha’r’ax (left), Khoot’ach (middle), and Thi’gh’taar (right)

I soon wanted to create other bits from the rogue trader set. I had two Chthonian Larvae (from the Rackham confrontation range) in the bitz box and they would look perfect as sludge-grubs.

These Chthonian Larvae are wonderful sculpts.
I’ll need to clip off what is left of that regurgitated man!

All i need now is to find a suitably large mini to make a nightmare hulk!