In 28mm 40k, imperial guardsmen are only S3 T3. But they just seem stronger and tougher when scaled up to 54mm size!

Here are some squads i have finished.

Catachan Jungle Fighters. I like my Catachans slightly taller than a normal human (as per the fluff), so i’ve had to build up the height at the torso on some of the official inquisitor range catachan fighters (far left, 2nd on the right, far right).
I bought this Cadian squad from a fellow Australian, who bought it from a fellow member of the Conclave. I just re-based it to fit in with my collection. It’s a mix of resin and metal.

And here are some individual guardsmen.

Major Jackson (left) and a Commissar with Power Claw and plasma pistol. Converted from a Tehnolog space pirate figure (right). The Commissar looks big, but actually it is Major Jackson that is small.
Imperial Navy, Flag Captain

Addendum. And a more recent purchase..

Major Jackson [I bought this already painted. I’ve just re-based it)