I thought it would be neat to show off some of the past winners or finalists of painting competitions. And for a few years there was even an Inquisitor category at the Golden Demons! Almost all of these are 54mm scale, though the odd few may not be at that scale and I’ve accidentally included them. I’ve focused on the Golden Demon competition as there are lots of pics on the internet. And a word of warning…space marines and elder rangers are popular entries…

This is the first post showing the minis that have won the Slayer Sword. The Slayer Sword is awarded to the best painted mini at each Golden Demon competition. It is equivalent to the Best in Show.

Minis that won Slayer Swords

Blood Pact by Alfsono Giraldes won the slayer sword at France Golden Demon 2006 and won gold in the Prestige category. A scratchbuilt 54mm mini
Major Rawne by Alfsono Giraldes won the slayer sword at Barcelona Golden Demon Spain 2006 and gold in the Open Category. Another scratchbuilt 54mm mini.
Throne by Ben Komets won the slayer sword at Germany Golden Demon 2008 and gold in the Diorama category. The Repentia on the left was available by Tin’s bits minis.
Space wolf lord by Sergio Calvo Rubio won First Place and Best In Show at the Crystal Brush 2017. This scratchbuilt mini is 75mm scale, (so about right for Inquisitor scale)
Eisenhorn the inquisitor byAndrea Ottolini won the Slayer Sword at the Italy Golden Demon 2005 and gold in the Large scale Category
Demonette of Slaanesh by Allan Carrasco won slayer sword at France Golden Demon 2007and gold in the Open category. Scratchbuilt in Milliput in 54mm
Chasseur de Demons by Thomas Barse won slayer sword at France Golden Demon 2003 and gold in the Prestige category

What a gallery of inquisitor scale minis! If i missed anything or the details are incorrect, please tell me and i will amend the post.