Is it just me, or are there too many slick devlan minis in this world. Parts of this mini just accumulate in my bitz box. I have bits and pieces of him everywhere, and unfortunately, the mini is not sought after on ebay either.

The concept of a gunslinger in 40k is good, but i’m not sold on the execution. Here is the original artwork…

I quite like the original sketch. The pose is dynamic and it reeks of grimdark

And the final official model…

I like slick’s head. And his arms are versatile. It’s just that his legs are hard to mix and match with other inq bits. I also wish that the little cloth hanging from his belt over his groin was removable. And that the metal neck guard on his left shoulder pad was removable. And that the metal plate protecting his heart was removable. And he is very small in height, probably one of the smallest figures in the range.

And though he was also released as an alternative model, Damian Bloodhound, with a new head and arms, the new head does not inspire me.

So what can we do with slick bits? I think one of the better uses for slick is for kitbashing genestealer cultists.

slick parts (right)
slick’s torso (right)
a genestealer cultist from my old collection.

I’ve also seen slick converted a few times into a wild west theme

slick with poncho
a spaghetti western slick

Still, as there are so few minis in the inquisitor range, any mini is better to have than not. And at least, it is nice to have a character wearing flak armour for a change.

not sure about the face, but the body of this slick is amazing. By Remy Tremblay and it won bronze at the French Golden Demon 2010 in the 40k Single Miniature category. i don’t think it is 54mm scale though

I also recall seeing another diorama, this time of slick facing off against cherubael. I can’t find it on the web, but does anyone have a pic?