A space marine in inquisitor scale is a very impressive mini. Standing about 70mm tall, these true scale minis tower over standard 54mm minis. Artemis is an interesting mini and a nice sculpt. Though dynamic in his running forward pose, he is difficult to kitbash into other poses. His torso is twisted, so if he is re-positioned to keep his body square and straight, his cabling doesn’t look straight. And his bent knee means that a hobby saw is needed to straighten the leg. And why wasn’t he released with the iconic space marine helmet? Though the helmets were released later in a set of three, they were expensive. And now OOP, they are even more costly on ebay.

The official inquisitor space marine Artemis

The bits that make up Artemis

Still, it’s lovely to have a large scale space marine.

Here is my version of Deathwatch Battle Brother Artemis.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to kitbash a collection of marines from different chapters.

Blood Angels Battle Brother Elehart, a former Deathwatch member. The head was fan-commissioned (i got this one from Ebay). Apparently a GW employee sculpted it.
Space Wolf Brother Castal (using Battle of Frozenfang by Joaquin Palacios miniatures. I’ve swapped out the original head as it was a little small)

I’ve also finished one of the two Dark Angel space marines I have been working on.

Dark Angels Battle Brother Jurian in ceremonial armour (originally a kickstarter mini called Leon Johnson by Txarli Factory, though i had to shave off the lion head on the cloak so i could add a space marine backpack and I added Artemis’ boltgun).

The other Dark angels Battle Brother still needs a helmet, so he sits unpainted. And i would love to kitbash up a grey knight, if I can source the right parts.