Here are my first minis for 2021. It’s a mix of painted and half-painted and even a smattering of 3d printed parts (my mate has a 3d printer and kindly printed a few bits and pieces for me). I’ve asked my mate to print off a few more bits for me, which i will talk about in an upcoming blog entry.

WIP Inquisitrix…The 54mm resin lord of Justice by heresylab. The original figure has a very small head so i replaced it with a 3d printed one and sculpted some fur at the front of her collar.
Eldar Bone Wraith Aspect Warrior…a 3d print of the Artel W Bone Wraith that they released as a free stl
Harlequin…a lot of greenstuff over an old Mutant Chronicles 54mm plastic mini. Heavily inspired from an old Australian golden demon figure entry. This is the second time I have kitbashed this model.
Harlequin Shadowseer…the base model is a cheap resin figure of one of the mortal combat characters, i think subzero?
Vostroyan Trooper…a Tehnolog figure (polar soldier) but with a 3d printed head
Witchhunter…A 54mm resin Artel W figure. i’ve repainted this and replaced the original head with the alternate head that also comes with the mini. I think it looks much better now
Tau Air Caste Pilot…a resin home cast figure. I got this as part of an ebay purchase years ago. It needed a ton of greenstuff work as their were many air bubbles. The seller asked me at the time if i wanted to buy his mold too, but i declined as i dreaded the idea of mixing resin.
Female Tau Air Caste Pilot…Sci-Fi pilot by Trovarion. This resin figure was bought a few years back. I replaced the head with a 3d print of a female tau that i found on shapeways (i think?).
Drukhari Haemonculus…Menhom from Andrea Miniature’s Warlord Saga. I replaced the right arm with the mechanical hand of an Ork Painboy. The external spine is made from the branches of Feculent Gnarlmaw
WIP Adeptus Arbite Riot-Suppressor Robot…I built this in 2019 but finally started painting it this week

I’ve been wanting to make more Harlies. I’m almost ready to paint a solitaire i kitbashed. And I also have plans to make a Death Jester…