This is my third post about the Genestealer cults. And the brood is growing.

Brood brothers are the baseline troops of the genestealer cult. Human, but infected with genestealer genetic material. In 9th ed 40k they are portrayed as infected imperial guard, but they can also be civil workers or from other walks of life.

I like brood brothers in jump suits, so i’ve used Porpoise shock troopers by Industria Mechanika. These resin figures are in 1/35th scale.

Porpoise shock troopers

If the arms and weapons are replaced, they almost match inq54 scale as is. But i think they look better if also extended in height. So I’ve increased their height at the legs using greenstuff. And I used a variety of heads and other bits and pieces.

I originally planned to be faithful to how Games Workshop paint their brood brothers, where the ridges on the forehead are the same skin colour as the rest of the model. But i like accentuating the ridges, so I decided on a little more green. And I very rarely bother to use these inks, but to try something different, I used good ol’ nuln oil and agrax earthshade. I think it looks okay but i probably won’t bother using inks again.

Brood Brother, using Eisenhorn’s head
Brood Brother, using a bullgryn head
Brood Brother, using a Genestealer 28mm head
Brood Brother, using quovandius’ head

These figs are a nice little addition to the cult. And I’ve also made another magus, this time kitbashing a tehnolog insurgent figure together with a mutant chronicles figure. It is undercoated and sitting in the paint queue.