GW released their first iteration of plaguebearers in 1991 (Wow! Thirty years ago). In typical oldhammer fashion, all these minis had individual names – Snotsprayer and Woundlicker are standouts for me.

1991 1st ed plaguebearers

However my favourite plaguebearers are the ones that were released with Mordheim’s carnival of chaos. They have a Shakesperian vibe that is quite wonderful.

There is no official plaguebearer model for inquisitor. Tin’s Bits released an unofficial plaguebearer (called Pestcyclops), which needs only some minor work to extend the height. But the figure is still very slim and lanky.

Tin’s Bits 54mm pestcyclops. It is in my bits box, but i’ve misplaced his arms

If making your own plaguebearer, thankfully nurgle is forgiving for the more adventurous kitbasher. Smooth greenstuff work is not so important and imperfections can be hidden by adding cuts/sores/boils, etc.

This first plaguebearer is the upper body and head of an avatars of war mini and the legs of a mutant chronicles 54mm plastic figure. Then plenty of greenstuff on top.
The second figure is Rottencyclops, by Knightmare games. This company do old school warhammer-esque figures in 28mm scale (Rottencyclops is ogre-sized in 28mm). I extended the legs with greenstuff to better fit 54mm inquisitor scale.

Semi-relevant is the Forgeworld plague hulk. In 28mm scalle, this demon engine is a huge and bloated plaguebearer fused to a chassis. So the hulk is a little more to scale in the inquisitor setting.

an awesome pic of a plague hulk. I have one, but it needs a little repainting and repair.

This is my second post on the lesser daemons – see here for daemonettes of Slaanesh

Next on the to-do list, and i’ve been faffing about this for years now, are Khorne bloodletters.