I’ve faffed about making some more sisters of battle for at least a year now. Progress had stalled as i had run out of suitable parts. Thankfully a mate with a 3d printer printed up some more bits (a zephyrim jump-pack, some normal backpacks, and a few heads).

I’ve been keen to make a Zephyrim (those close combat Seraphims). When i saw Saint Manakel by Hesesylab, it was a perfect opportunity. I ordered a 54mm 3d print during their Heresygirls2.0 kickstarter. But when i got the model, it was much larger in scale (i’d say closer to 60mm). I faffed about on whether to resize it, but in the end just couldn’t be bothered. I think the model just borderline fits inq scale – she is flying so the scale difference is not so noticeable.

Saint Manakel by Hesesylab. I got rid of the wings, cut off the flames on the sword, replaced the head and replaced the doves with a boltgun (doves are lovely but are not a weapon of war)
Zephyrim. The head and jump-pack is a 3d print (from shapeways probably). The boltgun is from a resin cast set of inq weapons by a member of the conclave (Legio Destructor)
I also had another sister of battle on the hobby desk. This resin mini is in 54mm by Artel miniatures, called Katerina Prophetissa. I added a GW gun and a 3d printed head and backpack.

And like many in the inquisitor community, I’m very excited about this new release. The Paragon Warsuit looks like it was destined to be turned into a 54mm scale Sister of Battle.

Paragon Warsuit