I am getting old [Ed: and more faffable?]. And my eyesight is failing as I get older. So I can appreciate larger scale models so much more than 28mm. I have to stick those small models right up to my nose to see the detail! And I don’t think I am alone. Is this why Imperial Knight armies are so popular? I sometimes wonder whether scale creep in the miniature hobby scene is really a reflection of an ageing population that is slowly going blind. I ponder this as i get older and wonder if I will one day need to shift to collecting 75mm scale. 75mm has a substantial and established market already, no official 40k, though a number of minis with a strong 40k vibe.

an awesome 75mm chaos marine scout

If only GW would cast and sell their 3ups.

A GW 3-up of the upcoming sister of battle range.

Kitbashing is also a lot less fiddly in a larger scale. I don’t need tweezers to add bits and gubbinz to 54mm scale minis. A downside is that every metal joint needs to be pinned for stability. But the biggest downside is that GW has made huge strides recently in 40k oldhammer inspired and inq28 appropriate minis, such as Blackstone fortress, rogue trader, new necromunda, and new genestealer cult figures. They all look amazing and I am envious. But I can’t use any of it for inq54. It really is a wonderful time to be into inq28.

rogues malus
some awesome inq28 from the defunct spiky rat pack gang

I rarely see inq54 painted up all blanchitsu. Has anyone got pics?

This is the closest i can find to the spirit of blanchitsu for inquisitor 54mm (from a conclaver’s retrospective on the conclave forum)
this unpainted model is by a member of the conclave (maglash1017). Very blanchitsu.

Oh to hell with it all. True faffers game in 120mm scale! Like these necromundians.

Necromunda in 120mm run by the Skirmish Wargames Group, debuted at a GW open day
A bullgorg in 120mm scale. The unpainted figure is 54mm.
Kal Jericho at 120mm scale, with a 54mm figure for comparison

Or why stop at 120mm? Let’s LARP 40k instead!