They are a major cog of the imperium. They are the adeptus mechanicus. And i think they are quintessential to what makes 40k so grimdark.

There are two tech priest official releases, Magos Delphan Gruss and Techpriest Tezla. And both include the same torso and robed legs, so mainly it is the heads and arms that differentiate them.

Magos Delphan Gruss
Techpriest Tezla

Both kits are versatile and the parts can mix well with other minis in the inquisitor range, especially the head, torso and legs. Frustratingly both kits come with a left arm with limited kitbash usefulness. Gruss’ left arm is a drill, and though iconic, looks repetitive on other models. Tezla’s left arm turns onto his console, so it is difficult to kitbash this bit to him holding a weapon. And the most fiddly bit with the kits are the mechadendrites (those tentacle-like bionics). These are the first thing to fall off when the mini is knocked about too much. And i could never work out why the robed legs were cast in two pieces.

Anyway, here are a stack of Adeptus Mechanicus from a variety of manufacturers or other sources.

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Magos Delphan Gruss (left) and Explorator Esteele Vix (right, a 3d print from Heresy lab)
Tech-priests (the one on the right uses eisenhorn’s arms)
Constructor tech-priest (left) and Rune Priest (right). These are from the hi-tech range (cyber monk statues)
Magos Explorator Fadius Gallow (using Belisarius Cawl and a bullgryn head)
Magos Errant Kivit (using a delphan gruss torso back-to-front and bits from FW Magus Dominus). This is probably my favourite conversion for an adeptus mechanicus character.
Electropriest (left, the torso is from a Kataton Battle Servitor by Wargame Exclusive) and Transmechanic Tobelis (right, a resin print made by a member of the conclave)
Magos Mistress Ursula (using the head of the eldar ranger)
Explorator Trishna (This is a 3d print from an Etsy store).

The adeptus mchanicus is an opportunity to create some truly weird and grimdark 40k conversions, but i’d suggest then moving away from using too many bits from gruss or tezla.


Here are a few more recent additions…

Tech priest with power axe (a cyber monk statue from the hi-tech range)
Enginseer Xorax with poweraxe (this conversion was done by Greenstuff Gav from the conclave forums. I’ve re-based it to match my collection)
A battle-platform [Ed: better than Uber]