Here are a few odds-n-sods minis that i recently painted up.

Eversor Assassin. I’ve been wanting this mini for about a year. Finally nabbed a ‘new in blister’ one at a reasonable price in late 2020.
Voidborn boarding party trooper. This is an old Andrea metal figure (i think?) that i have had for a couple of years. I had him underpainted and in the paint queue when i dropped him on the floor and his combo chainsaw/gun broke off. It was a fortunate accident as i replaced the gun with an ogryn ripper gun instead. I also replaced his head with that of slick devlan.
Slannesh Daemonette. Originally a 75mm mini (Ebylzadeath la nécromancienne). I cut it down at the waist and both legs. It is still a little tall, but it doesn’t stand out too much as it is a demon.