Time for some protein shakes. I’ve wanted to make some more Necromundia gangers and have been thinking Goliaths for a while now. I had some Tehnolog Barbarians minis in the bits box and my first plan was to kitbash them into Golitahs. But they would need a lot of work to get them up to scratch.

Hard plastic Tehnolog Barbarians. 54mm in size but slightly small for Goliaths. But the arms are nice and muscular.

I then thought about 3d printing some Goliath-like bodies, but as i don’t have a 3d printer, i faffed about on the idea.

And then, GW released the perfect minis – the Necromunda Slave Ogryn Gang. Others may see these minis as potential squats. Not me, they are perfect Goliaths.

Necromunda Slave Ogryn Gang. Not only makes some nice Goliaths, but also squats. The box also has some nice gubbins for inq54mm, such as powerfists, wrenchs, and other bits and pieces. My only criticism is the left foot. The kit has an excellent mechanical left foot, but no good booted left foot. The booted foot included is for the pose of the ogryn stepping forward, but as the weight of the mini is on the left foot, it looks like a right foot if you just want the ogryn standing on both feet.
Here’s a nice squat mechanic made from the slave ogryn kit. Made by a member of the inquisitor facebook group (Chris John)

So i cut off some of the tehnolog barbarian arms and stuck them to the slave ogryn torsos. I also had to build up the height by using greenstuff at the belly and at the calves. I used a variety of heads: artemis, a bullgryn head, the helmeted head from the FW solaris ogryns.

Goliath Ganger.The torso, right arm and legs are from the slave ogryn kit, the left arm is from a tehnolog barbarian, the head is from the FW solar auxilia charonite ogryn squad
Goliath Ganger. Uses mainly the slave ogryn kit, except the right arm is from a tehnolog barbarian mini and the head is from an ogryn.
Goliath Gang Leader. Uses tehnolog insurrectionist rebel legs, slave ogryn torso, artemis head and tehnolog barbarian arms

I also used an OOP Enigma model to create a heavy weapon specialist Goliath.

Goliath Heavy weapons specialist. Uses a 54mm Enigma model as the base (Jareck Demon-hunter)

I also was keen to make a zerker. This huge goliath is a kitbash dream.

Awesome art of a Zerker

I had bought a mini (Nash), thinking it would make the basis of a good goliath or good squat. But the proportions were all wrong to be either. But i cut him up and greenstuffed him to zerker height. I added the head of a bullgryn and some techno bits and i’m very happy with the result.

A Zerker. He towers over the other goliaths!

Anyway, with all this musclehead stuff, it’s time for a drink…