The Emperor…10,000 years and still faffing

I had hoped that I wouldn’t have much of a backlog of unassembled and unpainted miniatures if I collected inquisitor at 54mm scale. My original plan was to buy as much as possible of these minis already painted, and then paint only those figures I couldn’t buy painted. However, when i began to collect inq models again, i discovered that there wasn’t that many well-painted models on the second-hand market. And when they were already painted, it was almost always covenant or eisenhorn or titus or slick or the space marine without his helmet. So i was forced to buy unpainted minis instead.

And while my unpainted minis pile grew, I just couldn’t motivate myself to paint them. Not having a paint station or dedicated paint area were certainly barriers, but the main reason was being unsure if I would enjoy painting. Plus I was thoroughly enjoy the process of kitbashing and assembling minis. It is so much fun. So i sped ahead with assembling minis and just let the unpainted pile grow.

I eventual did start to paint again [Ed: only took a few years of faffing about with a huge pile of unpainted minis, plus a realisation that it would cost a small fortune to have them all commission painted]. Buying a black spray can (rattlecan) from the local hardware shop helped a lot. I could undercoat quickly batches of assembled minis that way.

Still I have a tragedy of assembled but unpainted 54mm miniatures, and a great many that have only been undercoated [Ed: and then there is the pile of shame box of unassembled minis!]

The ‘In the paint queue’ pile. Some Dark Mechanicum, Space Marines, old school Delaque, and other random characters

But finally I have reached way past the midpoint now. More of my minis are painted than are not, probably 80% painted now [Ed: Let’s ignore the pile of shame in the box for now, just comparing painted vs ‘in the paint queue’]. Excelsior!

And the painted.