Building an ogryn has been a journey! I’ve wanted to build one for a while now. And i have faffed around for a few years on how to go about it.

For a long time i was going to use the old metal warhammer giant as a base. I’d seen it used effectively by members of the conclave, and the Australian Games workshop crew kitbashed one and put it in white dwarf.

Option1: The old metal warhammer giant. This amazing ogryn was made by Kaled, a member of the Conclave

Also in the inquisitor book is what looks like an ogryn that has been bio-engineered into some sort of mega-servitor. I even copied the idea and built my own version [Ed: sadly sold that off 10 years ago].

The servitor that i built, copied from the Inquisitor rulebook. It’s probably the mini that converted me to Inquisitor.

So i was looking for cheap warhammer giant parts on ebay. Unfortunately the figure was too expensive to buy.

But when i look at golden demon entries of Ogryns, the minis i am drawn to are a different style of ogryn. The body proportions are different — a little more lanky. So i shifted my focus to building an ogryn with a pot-belly and thinner legs.

But I am pretty crap at modelling using greenstuff. So what to do? For a while i considered buying a 3d printed hill giant from Etsy. It sort of had the right proportions.

Option 2: 3d printed hill giant from Etsy

Then i seriously considered getting it 3d printed as a commission. I found a 3d file that i liked on thingiverse. The poly count looks low, so it”s probably a lot of work, but the foundation of the model is there.

Option3: Space Ogre from thingiverse

Then i saw this miniature…the Juggernaut by Blacksun miniatures.

Option 4: The Juggernaut

It’s perfect, despite not being quite the right proportions that i had originally envisioned. I’ll need to build it up only slightly in height. And the head needs to be replaced. I have no chance of sculpting a decent head, but i was inspired in thinking that a bust would work. So i used this…

Change the green skin tone and we have an instant Ogryn

Putting it all together, plus a lot of greenstuff around the torso, and we have an ogryn.

An Ogryn. I’ll get around to painting his eyes eventually.

As fate would have it, i also had a large head that looked chaos-esque to me. It’s from Nokjagerin by Pegaso miniatures. It is the beheaded monster that the figure rests her boot on.

I thought it would make a great chaos ogryn, so i stuck it to the body of the juggernaut and used a tyranid claw for the other arm. And viola! A chaos ogryn [Ed: no photo yet as the ogryn is still only half assembled…]

Now i’m on the hunt for other busts that would make suitable ogryns…