I remember leafing through a white dwarf when i was young. It was issue 127 and was full of Jes Goodwin’s illustrations of the Eldar Race. I was mesmorised by the aspect warriors (my favourite were the Phoenix Hawks). I even painted one up as a kid and gifted it to a friend who wasn’t into 40k. He just loved the sculpt.

The Eldar Pirate is the only official inquisitor scale release. And an accessory pack was released to turn it into an eldar ranger. Both versions are a beautiful sculpt and it seems to be a popular mini for painters who only want the opportunity to paint a larger scale mini.

Eldar pirate.
Eldar ranger. This is a commission piece.
Eldar Farseer (left). i got these off ebay. It needs a little work! And an Eldar Warlock (right), using Covenant as a base.
Fire Dragon Aspect Female Warrior. An ebay purchase. Converted from the Eldar Avatar of Khaine

Along with Aspect Warriors, the harlequins have always fascinated me. I don’t understand what is going on with the harlequin fluff these days though. To me, harlequins belong with the eldar, not the dark eldar.

Harlequin with Fusion Pistol (left) and Harlequin with Harlequin’s Kiss and Shuriken Pistol (right). This is the second time i have re-created this mini on the right (i sold off the first version a decade ago).

And I finally finished painting up an Eldar Wraithguard.

An eldar wraithguard, using the forgeworld wraithseer as a base.