I found this on the net. Sums things up perfectly…

Three of the four major assassins were released in Inquisitor scale: the Vindicare, the Eversor, and the Callidus [Ed: was the Culexis ever planned for release?] And with the two death cultist assassins that were released when the game was first published, that makes five assassins available.

Death Cult Assassins Sevora Devout (left) and Sevorina Devout (or is it the other way around?)
Vindicare (left) and a kitbashed Imperial Assassin with Needle Pistol (right)

However, HeresyLab also released some 40k-like female assassins, and they could be purchased in 54mm scale as limited 3d prints as part of their previous kickstarter projects. They fit the scale well, except the heads should be a little bigger on some of these models to better match the inquisitor scale range.

Two Heresylab models from the kickstarter: Female Eversor Assassin (left) and Female Culexis Assassin with Psyk-out grenade (right)
Female Callidus Assassin by HeresyLab (right)

I have a Callidus from the official range, sitting on the workbench. It’s an ebay find and came without weapons. I’ll need to search the bits box for suitable weaponry. And i’m still on the hunt for a Eversor.

This Eversor was from my collection over 10 years ago, before i sold it off on ebay. I think i’ll do a very similar scheme, if i can find an eversor at a reasonable
update: finally nabbed a new in blister eversor.