The new Ghazghkull Thraka looks amazing! I am eager to get my hands on the mini and kitbash it to inquisitor scale.

Before Thraka was released though, I had been faffing about, looking for a large enough ork to make my own Meganobz. I had zero-ed in on two options. Kromlech have released an ork warchief in Juggernaut mecha-armour. He is pretty big, but not quite big enough (certainly not wide enough) compared to my ork freebooterz.

The other option was the Iron Boss by Artel W Miniatures. This mini is even bigger than the Kromlech mini and looked like a perfect base to build my Meganobz.

The Iron Boss

I still needed to build him up taller and wider with greenstuff and add strategically placed armour plates, but i think he looks very intimidating.

WIP Meganobz Dhaguzz ‘the Crusher’ on a 50mm base

And all painted up…

Bad Moons Meganobz Dhaguzz ‘the Crusher’ (base model is the Iron Boss by Artel miniatures, with an ork head by Big Child Creative) on a 50mm base WIP

He is about the same size as my largest ork freebooterz, so i’m thinking he will instead be the boss of his own warband of smaller orks and grots. And I’d love to find some affordable minis that look like grots!

Talking about grots…i’ve been thinking about making a grot tank for fire support. The forgeworld 28mm versions are quite awesome.

Forgeworld grot tanks.

And I’m thinking that one of the World War toon tanks fits the aesthetics and also should be large enough.

one of the many tanks in the World of Tanks range. Just needs ‘grotting’ up!

I think there is something very satisfying about making orky vehicles. I’ve been pondering [Ed: faffing!] for about a year now on making some sort of 54mm scale ork walker – either a killa kan or a deff dread.

What i love about forgeworld is their tendency to take something from the GW range, double the size of it, tweak it a little, and call it a superheavy. It’s perfect for kitbashing inquisitor scale vehicles. For example, Forgeworld have released a mega-dread and i thought i could turn into a killa kan easily enough.

Forgeworld’s Mega-dread. About twice the size of a killa kan.

But I was struck by the madness of Gork and Mork, and decided to make a deff dread instead! Now the deff dread is about midway in size between a killa kan and a mega-dread. So the FW mega-dread is just too small to convert into a 54mm scale deff dread. But it is really just the cockpit that is too small.

Mega-dread 2nd left. Killa Kans far left and far right. Deff Dread is 2nd on the right.

The solution – use the external tank from the Alchomite Stack as a cockpit (it’s from the sector mechanicus scenery).

On the left is the external tank from the Alchomite Stack terrain set. I had to cut it off at the base where it tapers off.

And viola!

WIP Deff Dread.
And next to one of my ork freebooterz (which are also pretty big sitting on a 50mm base)