I am a completionist with my hobby [Ed: I would argue obsessive-compulsive]. When I used to faff about playing VTES (vampire the eternal struggle) card game, I needed to be able to build as many archetypal decks as possible.

A different type of Inquisitor, from the vampire the eternal struggle (VTES) card game

When I collected oldhammer minis, I needed to catalogue what I owned. When I played mordheim, I needed enough warbands for friends to pick up and play. And if I am no longer interested in the hobby then I tend to sell it all off. So as the poker players say it, either I am ‘all in’ or I cash in my chips.

So choosing a new thing to faff about and collect is a weighty decision and often a significant investment. Which is one reason why I am attracted to inquisitor 54mm so much. Collecting inquisitor has very clear boundaries – the range of official miniatures is very small, and there are hardly any unreleased miniatures. And there are only so many unique permutations of mixing the official bits together [Ed: occasionally someone will be inspired and use the bits in a new and novel rearrangement, to great applause]. There are not many unofficial models available either, and kitbashing from other companies’ ranges seems finite. So I feel that one day I might say that yes, I have collected enough, with only the occasional buy on something that looks 40k inspired. Simply put, the GW hobby is manageable for me at this scale.

[Ed: Enough chat! Get to the pics]

The official range. Kal Jericho
The official range. Daemonhuntress
The official range. Thorian
The official range. Eldar Ranger
The official range. Tyrus
The official range. Crimelord
The official range. Bounty Hunter
The official range. Kroot Mercenary