A small whinge…I don’t have a permanent hobby space. My only option is to commandeer the kitchen table after the kids go to bed. It makes hobbying so much harder. I have to get on a chair and pull down my storage boxes from the top of the cupboard and unpack what i want to paint. I paint a little, and then re-pack it all and tidy up the kitchen table again [Ed: enough of these first world problems!].

But I finally did stop faffing about and photographed some minis.

A Wraithguard (an easy conversion using the FW wraithseer)
A Commissar (right), using a Tehnolog plastic figure.
Agitator Cladimus, using an OOP Death model (I can’t remember the manufacturer) plus a head swap.
Escher gangers. Big Bertha (middle) is a 3d print by heresylabs (i still haven’t painted the eyes yet).
Ork Weirdboy Slomrank (based on a mini from Big Child Creative).

Some cultists (using Lord Borak’s sculpts from the conclave forum)