Like any good faffer, i spend more time looking at other people’s minis than actually building or painting my own. From years of faffing on the internet, I have slowly compiled a list of manufacturers that make miniatures suitable for inq54.

1. Hi-tech miniatures have 3 statues that make perfect admech, though they have to be built up slightly height-wise. They also have a few 54mm minis, with one perfect as an inquisitor lord (S-F exorcist lord absalon). It is a shame the large thick cloak is not a separate cast, and that the figure comes attached to the base.

Hi-tech Cybermonk statue. I re-sculpted the base of the statue into robes to give the figure a little more height
Cybermonk Statue. Again the base of the statue was sculpted into robes

2. Northstar models have a reasonable range of resin 54mm minis at a very good price. They seem to have bought the old Damnation range as well. Altogether there are at least four or five excellent minis that can be Grimdark. Scale can be a bit all over the place from mini to mini, with some figures having very small hands or heads. The quality of the casts are generally very good.

Northstar minis. The Post-nuclear nomad
The Inquisitor from Damnation miniature (I thought Northstar miniatures also sold it?)
Northstar minis. The Post-Nuclear Raider with AK-74 (the arms are from a 40k Ork and Toothpick Murke)
Northstar minis. The Luftwaffe Pilot
Northstar minis. The Post-Nuclear Sniper. The head is from Black Army Modells.

3. Scibor Miniatures have the vampire hunter and Alfred the monster killer which are about the right height. They also have a largish range of 54mm dwarves. The dwarf sniper looks about the right height for a squat (a taller squat). Their 28mm scifi ogre Cossacks are smaller in height than an inq model and with a little work may also be suitable squats…if you like squats beer-bellied and topless

Scibor miniatures. The Vampire Hunter.

4. Tin’s Bits Miniatures 54mm. The Pestcyclops and Domina are both a tad small and thin. Domina probably fits the inq range as is though. The Pestcyclops probably needs a little work to make him taller as it doesn’t feel imposing.

5. Pegaso models. Gehenna range. I don’t know about the others in this 54mm range, but Nokjagerin and Krankod are both about the right size for inq.

6. Ares Mythologic. Draconia range. Generally these miniatures are just way too big out of the box (even though they are labelled 54mm). Ehion, Soozh-Urth, and Mordhock are too big and bulky and would require some major work to get them to the right size. The Dark Elf looks about the right size for an eldar, though even this figure is a bit too bulky and tall.

7. Ares Mythologic. Dark World range. The vampire hunter is too big and bulky. Jhonn Creek doesn’t seem quite so big, and can be sized down without too much work.

8. Helldorado. Now discontinued. Some of the larger minis from this range look like they would fit scale-wise.

9. Forgeworld. The chaos renegade ogryn berzerkers are all a bit small, but perfect in bulk for 54mm. With some work to extend the legs to make them look taller, they are perfect size for inq.

10. Enigma Firstborn 54mm. Some of this range is about the right size for inq54. Jarek and  Maskland are a good size. The scout demon seems a tad small (but it could be the pose). Sumothay is a perfect size for dark eldar. Yarry is perfect size for an old school ratling.

11. Andrea 54mm. Warlord Saga. I don’t know much about most of this range. Menhom is the right scale anatomically, but with the pose and his flowing long robes, he really towers over inq miniatures. Nalach is also very tall. Luriel Sacred Fist is perfect size.

Originally Luriel Sacred Fist from Andrea

12. Andrea 54mm. Dark Nova. Gabriel Blackburn is pretty tall for 54mm and needs some work to size him back to inq size (even then, he is more a catachan frame).

13. Hidalgo-Beneito 54mm miniatures. The scale seems all over the place here. The gunner is larger than an inq figure, but with some work can fit with inq, especially if catachans are larger/bigger than ordinary imperial guard (though the head looks a little big). However, he is much larger than toothpick murke (though the official inq imperial guard were always too small to begin with). In comparison, Rorke’s Drift is thinner than Gunner, and is about the right height for inq (after a little chopping down).

Rorke’s Drift. Cut down at the waist and at the left leg.

14. Black Army Modells. Colonel Varys, Space Guard and Space Infantry are all a bit tall (and much taller than the small inq imperial guard). However, with a little work, they can be sized correctly (may be more difficult with colonel Varys though).

Space Guard by Black Army Modells. Taller then the official inquisitor models (i should have cut him down at the waist before he was painted).
Space Infantry by Black Army Modells
Colonel Varys by Black Army Modells. I cut him down at his boots.

15. Kellerkind 54mm miniatures. Oberst Von Stahl fits the inq scale perfectly. Now OOP i believe.

17. Joaquin Palacios miniatures. Battle of Frozenfang is very close to the right size for a space marine (though the head is a too small and the breastplate torso is not as wide as the official space marine).

18. Reaper Master Series 54mm. Finari and Belladonna both scale perfectly well for inq.

Belladonna by Reaper

19. Kabuki. Big sisters range. Shinobi is about the right height for inq.

20. Anime Tactics. Some of the larger minis are about right for inq. For example, Goethia and Grimorium are about the right size. But Konosuke is too small.

21. Privateer Press. Warmachine. I only know that the top half of Exulon Thexus fits inq pretty well. I don’t play warmachine [Ed: Not a big fan of the warmachine look either, not enough skulls and grimdark] so I’m unsure what else would work with inq scale, though there are quite a few large minis in this range.

22. Black Sailors. Pirate Orcs. This was a kickstarter funded project originally. Some of these orcs have great 40k potential. The scale is about 54mm, but they are bigger and bulkier.

Papa Jambo by Big Child Creatives (with a 40k ork banner)
Redghar the Black Orc by Big Child Creatives. The bionic hand is from Tyrus.
Tumaruk the Cartographer by Big Child Creatives
Kaptain Gorak by Big Child Creatives

23. Wild House Models. This company sells four metal 1:32 scale miniatures. They are the Badsmile sculpts that were posted on the inq forums many many years ago. Good quality and perfect size for inq. They also sell an amazing 54mm hoverbike for the adventurous.

24. Ouborous Miniatures. This company is fairy new and usually release their minis via Kickstarter first. The 54mm orcs are about the right size for inq [Ed: but look thin and small compared to the black orc range above], as well as their succubus and celestial.

25. Tehnolog. A russian company making plastic miniatures for 54mm (as well as other scales). They make both hard and soft plastic minis – hard plastic is better [Ed: Did the original owner die and the wife take over. I think they only make soft plastic now?]

Tehnolog hard plastic

26. Dark Age miniatures. Outcast Mongo fits well. The new range may also fit.

Outcast Mongo from Dark Age Miniatures (with hand swaps)

27. Artel have a limited range of 54mm miniatures, which are upsized versions of a few of their 28mm range [Ed: Pricey though].

Witch Hunter from Artel

28. Warhansa have an awesome traitor guard. He is a tad small, but the bulk is about right.

Renegade Warrior by Warhansa

29. Raging heroes released a kickstarter with some limited release 54mm. But they mucked up the size, so they are more like 65mm.


30. Chronos are another east europe company with very affordable minis in resin or metal.


31. Infamy miniatures have a small range of 54mm miniatures that are steampunk themed. Occasionally they have a kickstarter with 54mm limited releases.

All up, a lot of minis that are available that can be repurposed for Inq54. And i’m sure there are many more out there.

And finally…

32. Pandora Miniatures have Kira. This company no longer exists and the mini is OOP. This is my holy grail miniature. I’ve been searching for ages for it. Do you have a spare? Please contact me if you do….


To see more manufacturers that have minis suitable for inquisitor, see part 2 and part 3…