When Covid-19 hit Australia in March, the pandemic upended work, family, the economy, and normal life as we know it. It was only a small comfort, but i thought at least i’ll have some extra hobby time.

And at the start i was painting most nights, assembled some minis, and did some blogging…

But then July hit. And i got hit by Covid idleness. It was easier to veg out in front of the tv, or get stuck into playing computer games (mainly civ6 which is a major time suck).

Anyway, at the start of September i realised that it had been 6 months, and my painting output was much less than i had imagined. So i put brush to paint again…

…and these are some of the results, though missing the pupils in the eyes [Ed: now where did i put that black sharpie?]

Inquisitor Lord Gideon Duponte in Power Armour (model is Absalon from their 54mm range by Hitech miniatures)
Sister Repentia Helitta (model is Domina by Tin’s Bits)
Bad Moons Meganobz Dhaguzz ‘the Crusher’ (base model is the Iron Boss by Artel miniatures, with an ork head by Big Child Creative) on a 50mm base WIP
Rogue Trader Count Redmon Orser (originally a 54mm version of Launcelot by Demented Games)
Alpha Legion Space Marine with Astartes variant heavy bolter of unknown pattern (base model is traitor Basford by Nuts Planet (upper half) while the lower half is Artemis) on a 50mm base
Enginseer Xorax with poweraxe (this conversion was done by Greenstuff Gav from the conclave forums. I’ve re-based it to match my collection)
Tech priest with power axe (a cyber monk statue from the hi-tech range)
Necromundan Delaque Ganger with shotgun (stalker 2 model by Mercury models, with a weapon and head swap)
Necromundan Delaque Ganger (the Post-nuclear nomad from Northstar minis)
Acolyte Bolton Fiest with Inquisitorial Rosette

I’ve also painted up some space marines, mutants, daemonhosts, and dark mechanicus, but they’ll be blogged about soon. But overall I’m very happy with my output. I’ve finally got my groove back and the stack of undercoated minis waiting to be painted has diminished significantly.