I’m an old school faffer so i prefer the old terms like dark eldar [Ed: though I am starting to warm to the word Drukhari more and more].

Would love to get my hands on that head (anyone have one spare?)

Let’s start with a Dark Eldar kabalite warrior i made many years ago. I used the Sumothay figure from the now defunct Enigma range. But I sold this on ebay about a decade ago. Now that I am collecting again I have re-bought Sumothay, though mine does not have the helmeted head [Ed: it’s pot luck whether the figure you buy also includes the alternate head].

Here are some figures i have recently painted. These minis are part of a Haemonculus raiding party. So far I have a kabalite warrior, a wrack, and a grotesque.

A kabalite corsair
A grotesque (from Hexy Store)
A Wrack kitbashed from a helldorado figure (or is it an anime tactics mini?)

I also plan to build a haemonculus, a second kabalite using Sumothay, and a wych…so stay tuned.