Arcoflagellants, chronogladiators and other cyberwarriors. They are the psycho warriors and expendable ‘muscle’ in any warband. Three figures were officially released – Damien 1427, Simeon 38X, and Krieger Krash Thrax.

Chronogladiator Krieger Krash Thrax (left) and Arcoflagellant Uno91 with Powerclaw (a conversion by Greenstuff Gav, right)
Arcoflagellant Damien1410 (left) and Arcoflagellant Simeon 38X (right)

There is also an unofficial arcoflagellant that was made by a member of the conclave (Thantos). This fan-sculpt is professionally cast and the quality is superb.

Arcoflagellant Voxx1212 (left) and Arcoflagellant Pollost4X with buzzsaw (right). These minis are fan-sculpts.

There are also a few figures from other ranges that make good cyberwarriors – such as the Mutant by Tue Kae and Mongo by Dark Age miniatures

Arcoflagellant Seimus34D (left) and Chronogladiator Tauntos (right). The Chronogladiator was commission painted and is a mini called ‘the mutant’, sculpted by Tue Kae. I had to cut the mini down in size at the ankles.
Chronogladiator ‘Slaught’ with buzzsaw. Made from kitbashing Outcast Mongo by Dark Age miniatures. This was commission painted.

Finally, it is fun to kitbash cyberwarriors using bits from the standard 40k range. I acquired a few from a member of the conclave.

Arcoflagellant DaruisXG23 (right)
Arcoflagellant Syd-DD45

Addendum. A recent conversion i painted up