Here is a third list of alternative miniature companies that sell minis that can be re-purposed for inquisitor at 54mm scale.

51. Manufakura miniatures. Have two series of 54mm miniatures – the strife series and the sub series. The post-apocalyptic survivor girl can probably be easily 40k-ified. But both ranges are rather risque (especially the sub series is rated 18+), so maybe suitable for drukhari?

51. Rotten Factory. This company focuses on chaos with an old-school oldhammer vibe. They have a few larger character monsters that may be suitable for 54mm such as Vulzaz and Rokrurd.

52. Blacksun miniatures. This company is primarily for 75mm minis. They produce the juggernaut which is useful as an ogryn.

53. Star Wars Command by Hasbro. Roughly 54mm in scale, with plenty of vehicles at the right scale. A discerning eye is needed though, as plenty from this range is so iconic in look, that it can be hard to make it look less recognisable as star wars and look more 40k.

54. Alliance of the free. A russian group that made limited numbers of 54mm plastic minis similar in style as tehnolog (possibly even using the same factory) as they are a tehnolog fan group. They also release figures as sets of five. There were sold out to private collectors during pre-orders. Made from hard-plastic with great detail.

55. Mortian. A new company printing resin figures. Their Heavy Ogre range comes with extra arms and heads and may be suitable for 54mm.

56. The Thousandth Son. I think this is a side venture of a UK hobbyist. He has a few 54mm resin bits for different imperial guard that he sculpted many years ago.

To see more manufacturers that have minis suitable for inquisitor, see part 1 and part 2…