It was about a year ago that i blogged about how amazed i was with consumer level 3d printing. I even had a genestealer cultist limo printed up fairly cheap (though it wasn’t a resin print). I had even bought a few resin 3d prints from a few heresylab kickstarters as well.

But now it seems we have reached that tipping point where the quality and price of 3d printers outweighs the hassle of setting up and working with resin 3d printing. Recently a mate of mine got a 3d printer from ebay (the anycubic photon for about $300 Australian dollars). He kindly printed off a few pieces for me. At first i asked him to print out a whole figure at 54mm for me, but i think i have discovered a better use of his machine.

But first, here is the figure he printed for me…

54mm Eldar Bone Banshee (a free stl from Artel miniatures)

I don’t have a 3d printer and I can’t farm out to my mate all the full size minis that i want printed out. So i have to be selective in my requests. But printing heads and weapons and other bits and pieces seems like the perfect solution! I can fit so many little bits on a single 3d plate.

Here are some minis i have made with 3d printed bits…

The head of the female Tau Air Caste pilot is a 3d print (from Shapeways)
Vostroyan helmet is a 3d print
For this Inquisitrix, the head is a 3d print (I think from Shapeways?)
Shuriken pistol and right hand is 3d printed

My mate is kindly printing up a few more bits so i can finish off a number of conversions that i have on the go. So hopefully soon i’ll have a few more 3d printed backpacks and heads….

Heads galore. i hope I got the scaling right! As you can see, i’m still a newbie when it comes to adding supports (i use Chitubox)

It certainly is a new era for the mini kitbasher and a gamechanger for us inquisitor enthusiasts!