…strike a pose….

As this is a blog about Inquisitor, i’d better show off some Inquisition minis. Gav Thorpe did a fantastic job with the book’s fluff, the factions, and the rivalry. And i also enjoy reading about Inquisitors in black library novels. Their exploits provide a window into a grimdark 40k that is far removed from the front-line battlefield.

There are seven official inquisitor models, as well as a few third party figures that fit the range perfectly. And then many of these parts can also be used to kitbash other unique minis [Ed: i suspect that covenant’s legs are one of the most frequently used bits in the inq54 kitbash world].

Inquisitor Scarn (left) and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Rant Jacobie (right)
Inquisitor Lord Jodan Boch (left) and Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Castor Vex (right)
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Gustus Dallorn (left) and Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lady Jena Orechiel (right)
i repositioned Jena’s head recently.
Ordo Hereticus Dieter Klaus (left) and Thorian Inquisitor Tor Vaughn (right)

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Batticus (left) and Crusader Sato with Suppression Shield (right)
i replaced the head with the helmeted version and touched up the paint scheme
Inquisitor Volo (left) and Amalathian and Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Eisenhorn (right)
Throne Agent Goran (left) and Inquisitor Fadius Gallow (right)
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Daemon Huntress Ivixia Dannica (left) and Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Kosta Hegemont (right)
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Tarth Vorek (left) and Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Ormond Struss (right)
Inquisitor Echek (left) and Monodominant and Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Covenant (right)

Monodominant and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor WitchHunter Tyrus
Lady Chester, (Justina as a 3d print from Heresy lab, but i shortened the boots and skirt and cane as the print was bigger than 54mm)
Acolyte Bolton Fiest
Inquisitor Lord Gideon Duponte in Power Armour (model is Absalon from their 54mm range by Hitech miniatures)