Here are some minis that i have been faffing about with for a while now.

Female Tech Priest. This is an ebay purchase. I think made by Thantos (a member of the conclave)
Drukhari Kabalite (using the Sumothay model from Enigma minis, with a 3d printed helmet)
Inquisitor (the head is 3d printed)
Night horror (this is a FW model)
Inquisitrix (a heresylab model, 54mm in resin. The head is a 3d print)
Genestealer Magus (the top half of the model is a tehnolog plastic figure. The bottom half is a mutant chronicles plastic figure)
Renegade Militia (Cyber Ninja from Northstarmodels with a weapon swap)
Bosun Bodyguard (I finally found him at a reasonable price on ebay! This pretty much completes my collection of official inquisitor minis